360° Video Camera

Capture Immersive Memories in Motion with our
360° Experiential Video Booth

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Discover the Magic of Every Angle with inflow's 360° Video Booth.
Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and birthday celebrations, our booth ascends your event from the ordinary to extraordinary.

Interactive Experiences Created
Tailored Events Transformed
360° Moments Immortalized


Elevate every event, turning moments into shareable, panoramic adventures.


Immerse in an experience, where every capture is a stunning, 360-degree masterpiece.


Instantly share the fun and transforms your event highlights into viral social media content.

Your Story

Customize your 360 experience to perfectly mirror your event's theme, making it uniquely yours.

Technical Specifications

>  Dimensions: 1m/dm

>  Capacity: Accommodates 4-5 people, with a maximum weight limit of 450kg

>  Angle: Adjustable from 45ᵒ to 120ᵒ

>  Length: Extends from 88cm to 120cm

>  Speed Control: Customizable rotation speed for dynamic video capture

>  Lighting Feature: Integrated RGB ring light for perfect illumination.

Service Features

> Basic Rental: Up to 4 astronomical hours

>  Extended Rental: Available for an additional fee

>  On-Site Assistance: Our team will ensure smooth operation and assist guests

>  Instant Access: Videos shared via cloud service immediately

>  Space Required: A 3.50m x 3.50m area, indoors or under shelter

>  Utilities: Access to electricity and a wireless internet network

>  Setup: Venue access required 2 hours before and 1 hour after the event for setup and teardown

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