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  • Bul. Aleksandar Dondukov 54 B,
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  • Our Office
  • Bul. Aleksandar Dondukov 54 B,
    Sofia, Bulgaria

In-store marketing robot

Meet the "Tireless Promoter”

In the dynamic world of retail, capturing customer attention is paramount. That’s where the „Tireless Promoter,“ our innovative in-store marketing robot, transforms the shopping experience into an interactive journey.


Gone are the days of passive cardboard displays. Welcome to the future of engaging, direct brand communication right at the point of sale.


Innovative Interactions

Transform in-store promotions and engage in direct conversation with customers. Capture attention and convey your brand’s story at the pivotal moment of decision.

Next-Level Engagement

Our robot is all about enriching the shopping experience with personality and dialogue, not just driving sales. Craft meaningful interactions and give your product a voice and personality.

Voice & Sound Messaging

Keep customers captivated with a mix of creative audio messages, from tunes and sound effects to engaging dialogue, enhancing the appeal and influence of your product in real-time.

Main Features

Sensor detection

Utilizing advanced motion sensors, The "Tireless Promoter" identifies approaching shoppers, initiating instant engagement and sparking customers' curiosity.


Its unique swing arm brings products to the forefront, creating an inviting experience for customers. You can customize its motion to even dance to brand jingles, making every interaction memorable.

Spotlight LED Lighting

Activated alongside the robot, the overhead LED spotlight casts the product in a theatrical glow, making it the undeniable star of the aisle.

Sound Messaging

Transform your products into compelling storytellers with customized audio messages, enhancing the shopping experience and fostering a deeper brand connection.